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Wed, 16th Mar. 2011, 16:53
New fanzine reviews: Dig Deep, XYZ, Three Days of My Life I Will Never get Back

Dig Deep #1

Heather wrote an excellent library 'zine called Into The Grid, about her love of working in and accessing such wonderful, life-enriching institutes. Dig Deep is her new 'zine about how her life took a new shift before her 30th birthday when she decided to embark on a new activity each month, and how she now documents and looks back on all the good things in her life ("To take notice of even the tiniest pieces of goodness around me"). Her motto is to "dig deeper, be better, try harder".

As well as substantial thought pieces/recollections (combining travelling with visiting new libraries, living back in the suburbs with her parents after her relationship broke up, witnessing a guerilla dance troupe on the subway, finding 100 old zines) with little things like listing the strange queries people give in reference libraries, zine love, journal extracts, favourite books. The design of this zine reminds me of Brainscan. There's a good, positive, easy feel to Dig Deep, and I look forward to seeing Heather establish her new zine.


XYZ is a no-holds-barred gender identity zine. It explores definitions, ways we should respect others' gender identities, and presents the long-standing stereotypes set by society. There's a rundown on the origins of words like "Boy" or "Woman", articles on gender transition, thoughts on personal experiences, and snippets of history.

Three Days of My Life I Will Never Get Back

I can't imagine travelling almost three thousand miles by bus, but that's what Rum Lad author did in his trip to Portland on a Greyhound bus, where he encountered all manner of characters!

Those're just ones I was reviewing for Marching Stars, got a lot of catching up to do with others I've recently read..